Friday, August 10, 2012

Change in priorities

learn ruby lesson plan

I decided to focus less on learning C++, and instead spend more time with Web Development, specifically, using Sinatra, HAML and SASS.

I found this article from nettuts about Sinatra, which got me to look at Catlin's work--HAML and SASS.

These three tools look easier, cleaner and faster to work with than some of the web development tools that I have seen so far.

So the new direction is--learn ruby while learning web development.

Much of the books that I am reading right now seem to have been written for highly technical people--meaning, they are boring to read.

I learn by testing. When I find myself with tech stuff that I don't understand, I fire up irb and test it. If it's a script, I write it down on gvim, then run the code.

From there, I am going to write about these concepts in such a way that my kids will understand. This too, helps me. When I need to look back on my notes some time in the future, it wouldn't be hard for me to understand them.

One more thing... I don't want this blog to be another drab, technical blog. Whenever possible, I will post a picture that I like from the net.

For copyright foobars out there, I do not claim ownership to any of the stuff posted on this blog. If you want me to take them down, or mention source, do let me know.

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