Monday, August 13, 2012

Install Coffeescript Ubuntu Software Center

I was trying to follow the install process from the coffeescript website, several tutorial websites, as well as the pragmatic bookshelf's book on coffeescript. I kept getting an error when I try to install npm, and another error when I try to install coffeescript.

Good thing I looked into the Ubuntu Software Center, and there it is!

I simply click on the install button, and I have coffeescript on my pc in less than a minute. I fired up my terminal to see which version I have-- version 1.1.1

To further verify this, I fired up the terminal, then typed in "node". This takes me to the Node.js REPL, an environment where you can interactively run commands. Now enter... require('coffeescript'):
$ node

> require('coffee-script')

Which gave me this output--
> require('coffee-script')
{ VERSION: '1.1.1',
   [ 'case',
     'off' ],
   { starts: [Function],
     ends: [Function],
     compact: [Function],
     count: [Function],
     merge: [Function],
     extend: [Function],
     flatten: [Function],
     del: [Function],
     last: [Function] },
  compile: [Function],
  tokens: [Function],
  nodes: [Function],
  run: [Function],
  eval: [Function] }

The book, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Coffeescript tells me that if you get this output, everything is A-OK.

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