Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am thinking of using this image to go with my 404 page.

I love mondays. Wife is in the office, and my four kids are in school. Although there are a number of house chores that needs to be done, I can choose to do them later on.

I usually go to the gym some time after 11am. If I remember correctly, the gym is going to be closed around that time. This means, I can stay home and continue with my programming education.

For today's workout, I can do yoga around lunch time, then do an hour's brisk walk before dinner.

I was thinking of pointing this domain name to my heroku app, but changed my mind--too much effort. It might take an hour to get things working... I'd rather go to and learn something new.

Right now, I am watching the ruby essentials module. I can't wrap my mind around the classes module. I am going to see that again, and while I am doing that, will write down notes and do the exercises. I learn better when I experience the process, than just watching the video.

syntax on

call pathogen#infect()
"any plugins to install can be extracted to a subdirectory under 
".vim/bundle and will be added to the runtime path.

"the indent script for haml sets expandtab for you automatically 
"when VIM has detected the current file is in haml format. 
"The script is located at $VIMRUNTIME/indent/haml.vim 'setlocal 
"autoindent sw=2 et. This line disables it...
au! FileType haml set noet

set t_Co=256
" changes terminal to 256 colors?

set background=dark

set scrolloff=999

set gfn=Monaco\ 12 "Courier\ 10\ Pitch\ 12
" if has ('gui running')
"    set guifont=Monaco\ 12 Courier_10_Pitch_12
" endif
" default font

if has("gui_running")
  colorscheme jim "vividchalk wombat mustang blackboard
" Remove Toolbar
  set guioptions-=T
  colorscheme wombat256mod "blackboard wombat Mustang
" test code--otherwise, colorscheme blackboard
" set default to blackboard
" also inkpot, gardener, desert256

set showcmd
" this shows what you are typing

set showmode
" should show mode below

set foldmethod=indent
" fold based on indent

set foldnestmax=10
" deepest fold is 10 levels

set nofoldenable
" don't fold by default

set foldlevel=1
" za toggles folding; zM fold all; zR unfold all; :help(folding)

set autoindent
set tabstop=2
set expandtab
set shiftwidth=2

filetype on                   " Enable filetype detection
filetype indent on            " Enable filetype-specific indenting
filetype plugin on            " Enable filetype-specific plugins

set number

nore ; :
nore , ;

set ignorecase
set incsearch

" added july 15, 2011
set nobackup
set nowb
set noswapfile
set autochdir " always switch to the current working directory
set backspace=indent,eol,start " make backspace more flexible

set encoding=utf-8
" set default file encoding to utf-8

set modifiable
" disables read-only protection 

inoremap jj 

" this script is supposed to get gvim to open in previous window position
" where it was closed.
if has("gui_running")
  function! ScreenFilename()
    if has('amiga')
      return "s:.vimsize"
    elseif has('win32')
      return $HOME.'\_vimsize'
      return $HOME.'/.vimsize'

  function! ScreenRestore()
    " Restore window size (columns and lines) and position
    " from values stored in vimsize file.
    " Must set font first so columns and lines are based on font size.
    let f = ScreenFilename()
    if has("gui_running") && g:screen_size_restore_pos && filereadable(f)
      let vim_instance = (g:screen_size_by_vim_instance==1?(v:servername):'GVIM')
      for line in readfile(f)
        let sizepos = split(line)
        if len(sizepos) == 5 && sizepos[0] == vim_instance
          silent! execute "set columns=".sizepos[1]." lines=".sizepos[2]
          silent! execute "winpos ".sizepos[3]." ".sizepos[4]

  function! ScreenSave()
    " Save window size and position.
    if has("gui_running") && g:screen_size_restore_pos
      let vim_instance = (g:screen_size_by_vim_instance==1?(v:servername):'GVIM')
      let data = vim_instance . ' ' . &columns . ' ' . &lines . ' ' .
            \ (getwinposx()<0?0:getwinposx()) . ' ' .
            \ (getwinposy()<0?0:getwinposy())
      let f = ScreenFilename()
      if filereadable(f)
        let lines = readfile(f)
        call filter(lines, "v:val !~ '^" . vim_instance . "\\>'")
        call add(lines, data)
        let lines = [data]
      call writefile(lines, f)

  if !exists('g:screen_size_restore_pos')
    let g:screen_size_restore_pos = 1
  if !exists('g:screen_size_by_vim_instance')
    let g:screen_size_by_vim_instance = 1
  autocmd VimEnter * if g:screen_size_restore_pos == 1 | call ScreenRestore() | endif
  autocmd VimLeavePre * if g:screen_size_restore_pos == 1 | call ScreenSave() | endif

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