Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

I reactivated my odesk contractor account today.

The contractor profile that I used before was active with Internet Marketing, not Web Development.

For me to get good projects in there, I am going to take some of the proficiency tests offered by odesk. I have two lined up in the coming days--ruby on rails test, and ruby general knowledge test.

Before I take those tests, I am going to finish this ruby on rails tutorial by Michael Hartl.

is concise and highly detailed. Michael did not leave any stone unturned in writing this tutorial. He gives code examples, screenshots, expected outcome, et al. I am grateful that he wrote this--it helped a lot in my understanding ruby on rails better.

I will post a screenshot and link to the web app that I'll be deploying on heroku when I finish the tutorial.

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