Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Am A Writer

I am done playing poker as a business.

I used to play poker, like six hours each day, 6 days a week...averaging 50,000 hands each month. It's not that rewarding anymore.

Sure, I tripled my money in about six months, but my life did not have balance. I felt like I was a slave to pokerstars. As a business, the return on my investment was good, but it's not on autopilot.

I learned a lot of things though. Because I played poker, I became interested in programming. I learned python, and moved on to ruby and web development, where I am now. I also have dibs on internet marketing and creating web applications.

I don't think I wasted my time playing poker as a business. And now it's time for me to move on.

I logged into my odesk contractor account yesterday--first time in 10 months since I was active in there. I actually forgot what my username was.

The next chapter in my life is going to be getting paid while I improve my programming skills. That is possible in odesk. First, I set up some web apps that potential employers can verify. When they see that you know what you are doing, the next question is, can the afford you.

From here on, I am going to finish the ruby and coffeescript tutorials. While I am doing that, I am going to start looking into getting gigs from odesk.

I'm also going to spend more time writing and updating my internet marketing websites. One of my sites is starting to make money. I can apply the lessons I have learned making that one site work with all my other websites.

I am putting my writing hat on now--copywriting and writing code.

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